Meet our executive management team:

Louis Kestenbaum
real estate investor, New York businessmanLouis Kestenbaum is a founding member and the Chairman of Fortis Property Group, LLC of New York City, the private, diversified, real estate investment, operating, management and development company. He also is the Founder and Chairman of Fortis Business Holdings which itself over the years – – or though its subsidiaries in energy, health care real estate, finance and other businesses – – has acquired assets valued in excess of $3 billion.

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Joel Kestenbaum
real estate investor, Jewish businessman 
Joel Kestenbaum, son of Louis Kestenbaum, is a founding member and the President of the Fortis Property Group, LLC. As President, Mr. Kestenbaum actively manages the Company’s day-to-day operations and oversees all Company functions.

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Jonathan Landau
New York CEO, real estate investorMr. Landau is a member and the Chief Executive Officer of Fortis. He is responsible for sourcing and negotiating real estate transactions and overseeing Fortis’ myriad operating and leasing activities.

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Terrence Storey
financial officer, New York businessman, real estate investor

Mr. Storey is a member and the Chief Financial Officer of Fortis. As CFO, Mr. Storey sources, evaluates and negotiates new real estate opportunities. He also oversees the financial operations of the Company.

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